Personality Walk

Finally got some animation on here. I finally finished some animation. Easier said than done. This was the first project of the term - the Personality Walk Cycle. For my animation, the buzz word is "cautious". I have a whole background story to go along with it too, but that's something for another time...

I'd like to get some of my older stuff up here, from term 1 and beyond. Not because they're particularly good, or because anyone other than my mom cares, but mostly for posterity's sake. It's good to have all this stuff in one place so I can look back at it someday. And laugh.

And yes, I realize that it's 3 o'clock in the morning and that I'm still at school. The best part is, I'm not even close to being the only one here. There's people in classes on the floors above and below me. That's what I love about this field, not just animation, but the arts in general. People have such passion and drive for what they do. I love it..they're crazy.

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